Monday, March 21, 2005

Set Yourself On Fire

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One of my fave records of the year so far (even though it's dated last year) is the Canadian band Stars' Set Yourself On Fire. They are label mates with Broken Social Scene, and even share some of that band's members. The album is a deft blend of indie rock, new wave and synth pop, and a hefty dose of the Smiths. It's filled with irresistable songs about love and break ups. The two singer-songwriters in the band were a couple, split up, and now write gloriously sharp songs about the whole messy affair. They are able to strike a really nice balance between sugary pop and sharp edged riffing - just when a tune seems like it might get sickly, synhtly sweet, raging guitars bust in. What I'm Trying To Say starts out synthy, then that sharp as a knife guitar riff pierces the tune and I'm hooked. It features a lovely, orchestrated breakdown, has an undeniably catchy chorus and I can listen to it over and over again. A great song from a fantastic album full of 'em.


comeintokyo said...

stars are truly a great band. i say this despite that all their albums have a handful of tracks that i can do without. still, i love this band. besides, the tracks that aren't mediocre are as perfect as you can get, i feel.

Anonymous said...

i adore this band, thanxs for the track, havent heard it before, and its great.