Thursday, March 24, 2005

Louis XIV

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Another hotly hyped act this year is San Diego's garage punk rockers Louis XIV. I heard a couple of tracks around the blogosphere and decided to pick up their just-released-this-week debut LP The Best Little Secrets Are Kept. It's a completely derivative yet enormously entertaining set of rock & roll tunes that incorporates a hefty dose of vintage Rolling Stones, a giant dollop of glam rock (particularly of the T.Rex variety), some punk rock and the quirky, sexy oddness of a band like Mink Lungs - many of the lyrical snippets I caught brought a smile to my face. I've only listened to this LP 3 or 4 times, so I can't give a really accurate review of it, but I do know that I like what I hear a lot. It's infectiously catchy, it flat out rocks, and it's got some really nice production touches - I particularly love all of the orchestrated string bits and the massed choral vocals on several tracks. Hey Teacher has a knock-out riff that is played by both a guitar and the strings, and it floors me every time - OK, I really dig the handclaps too. A enjoyably trashy, glammy pop nugget.


Anonymous said...

This album and band blows. How much did it cost for the record company to pay you off?


Michael said...

Thanks for sharing "anonymous"...