Monday, March 07, 2005

The Return Of The Moody Ones

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Brit trio Doves released their third LP stateside last week. Some Cities is clearly their attempt to break out of the moody, mopey, melancholic groove they've perfected over the last couple of records. The record kicks off with two fast and loud songs in a row, which is almost unheard of on a Doves record. First single Black And White Town even rides an upbeat, Motown rhythm. It's a much more direct album, but they haven't forsaken the spaced out-ness altogether. As always they push a nice mix of classic, epic British rock, Northern soul and psychedelia. The production (by Ben Hillier who did Blur's Think Tank) is really clean - it's not nearly as murky souding as the previous stuff, and I think it heightens the whole experience to hear everything so clearly. Despite talking up the rockers I'm giving you The Storm, one of the slower, moodier tracks on the album. Featuring a lovely Ryuichi Sakamoto string sample and a chunky Gainsbourg-esque bass line, it builds and builds into a squall of feedback guitars and harmonica. Very tasty.

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