Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Golden Republic

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I picked up the self titled debut by The Golden Republic a few weeks ago. A four piece from Kansas City MO, they are being lumped in with the new wave of new wavers that have been dominating the indie rock scene. The album was recorded in New York at Tarquin Studios, and produced by Peter Katis, who also did Interpol and Robbers On High Street's albums, so they are part of the scene. This record is a little different though - there's a bit of soul, a dash of punk and some very '70s T.Rex glam moments on here too. It struck me the other day that it also sounds a lot like some of Soulwax's stuff from the Much Against Everyone's Advice album - a good thing in my books. NYC is definitely more of the new wave thing, and hooked me with it's shiny synths and the super catchy "uh-oh-oh-oh-oh's" in the chorus. It's also got a nice bouncy bass line and some cool guitar riffing. A record that I didn't expect much from, but have ended up enjoying quite a bit.

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