Sunday, March 20, 2005

Kaiser Chiefs

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Kaiser Chiefs are this year's "next big thing" if you believe the hype. Their debut Employment got it's US release this week, and after reading a few blurbs about them I picked it up. Turns out the hype is right again. They fit right in with the current crop of post-punk influenced acts that are all over the place - Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party et al. They take it a step further though, and include a hefty dose of Blur-esque Britpop circa Parklife - no coincidence since they share the same producer, Stephen Street. There is even a credit for ex-Blur guitarist Graham Coxon's motorcycle (a Kaiser Chief), which you hear revving up on Saturday Night. So, you've got the post-punk thing, the Britpop thing, the classic Brit-rock (think Kinks), and bit of punk all smashed together, with catchy, sing-along choruses and nice shiny production. Sounds good to my ears. Here's the first single, I Predict A Riot, a rocking tune with big la-la-la-la-la-la's, whizzing synths and buzzing guitars. This record is priced cheap to sell - I found it for $8.00 at my local emporium, so I encourage you to go and get your own!


Anonymous said...

Kaiser Chiefs are definitely poised to blow up huge. but this single is way overproduced, i really like the raw bar brawl feel of Saturday Night and although i think i'll warm up to ...Riot after a few days of repeat listening, i really think these guys sounded better with the fuzz.

great blog though; i'm a regular visitor!


John said...

i don't ever want to hear another record company bitch about mp3 blogs cutting into sales...they just got one from this post.

thanks for turning me on to these guys!