Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Return Of The Wild Boys

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I'm off to see the reunited Duran Duran tonight. I'm a long time fan, having bought their first single Planet Earth back in the day, and their latest album Astronaut from last year. I saw them a couple of years ago at The House Of Blues in Chicago on the first run of shows right after they had reunited, and had a pretty damn good time. I'm looking forward to seeing the "big" arena tour, with flashy lights and sets and stuff, and so today I give you a couple of DD oddities in honor of tonight's big show. Both are taken from the single for Perfect Day, their cover of the Lou Reed classic. Perfect Day (Acoustic Version) is what it says, a more acoustic rendition. I once read an interview with Lou and he said that DD's version of the song is one of his favorite covers of his songs - I really like it too. The other tune is their version of Neil Young's The Needle And The Damage Done - not exactly the kind of tune that you'd think DD would do. Now I'm off to find my pixie boots, my baggy suit and neck scarf, slap on some mascara, and then it's time to perfect my Nick Rhodes pout - a boy's got to look good for the big show!


John said...

you are on an 'effin' roll.

that is all.

Michael said...

Thanks - I've enjoyed your posts over on Lost In The '80s, especially the Boomtown Rats one. Gonna have to get me a couple of those reissues...