Tuesday, March 15, 2005

An '80s Obscurity Remastered

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Franco-Belgian trio Antena originally released Camino Del Sol as a 5 track EP in 1985 on reknowned Euro indie label Les Disques Crepescule. Their music was a blend of electronic instrumentation and samba rhythms and jazzy touches. Their initial recording sessions were helmed by John Foxx, who with his first solo album Metamatic had laid a blueprint for icy electronic soundscaping. This music was largely ignored at the time, and it's only now with this loving reissue of the original EP plus a handful of B sides and rarities that their impact can be heard. You can hear their influence in the music of bands like Stereolab, or the eclectic experimentation of Beck or David Byrne. It's fascinating stuff, such cold renditions of warm music. Handling the vocals is Isabelle Antena, who went solo when the band fell apart soon after releasing the EP, and her voice is a big part of the band's charms. Here is their very oddball renedition of the old classic "Girl From Ipanema", changed to The Boy From Ipanema. A much warmer sounding track is the lovely Seaside Weekend with it's breezy melody and doo-bee-doos. This is one of those reissues that really makes you thankful for whoever took the time to get it together - in this case the recently formed Numero label, a specialty label that only does remastered reissues of "lost classics".


Niandi said...

Thanx for the post. It's such a great track, I still cherish the original 12" I bought back in the early 80's. great sleeve too. Glad to see they are finally getting their due. How about a Metamatic post ? or some Paul Haig...another Crepsucle artist due to be re-discovered

Anonymous said...

Camino Del Sol is a record to fall in love with. At least i did... big time.

I wasn't there the first time around so this re-release is very welcome!

Nice one Michael!


Anonymous said...

Isabelle Antena's latest re-issue on LTM, the 'Easy Does It' album, has an extra disc with remixes. One is done by Thievery Corporation. I sounds like you might like it, Michael. :)


isabelle antena said...

Easy does it is not a re- issue but an original album from 2005.I'm sure you'll like it Michael.There's also some nice remixes of Nicola Conte and Buscemi on it.Anyway , thanks for the nice things you said and lots of love to all those who appreciate Camino del sol.It makes me feel great to see that it's never too late for music to be heard.