Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Out Hud Has The Beats To Move Your Feets

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Out Hud's second LP Let Us Never Speak Of It Again got it's US release this week. It is an extremely groovy record. A five piece act featuring a couple members of !!! and two new female singer-instrumentalists, Molly & Phyllis, these guys follow the blueprint laid down by !!! (disco beats,funky bass,new wave post-punk art-funk) but flip it in a more electronic direction. The guitars are used more for embellishing the electronic grooves instead of the other way around. It's rooted in the '80s, with it's blend of synthpop, Tom Tom Club grooves, acid house and NYC experimentalism (see Arthur Russell and his take on cello laden art-disco). It's For You is the first song on the record (after a little intro thing) and sets the party vibe with a thumping beat, sing-song vocals, icy keys and a nice jangly Nile Rodgers-esque guitar riff. I mentioned Tom Tom Club - you can really hear it on this tune, and it also reminds me of a scruffier sounding Playgroup. A very fun listen, and a record I think I'll be playing a lot of.

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loz said...

It's For You is an amazing piece of work, love the way the drums keep dropping out momentarily and the little phone noises.. tres excited to hear the album