Monday, March 28, 2005

The Good Son Vs. The Only Daughter

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A couple of years ago David Sylvian put out Blemish (on Samadhi Sound, a label created by David and his brother - and former Japan bandmate - Steve Jansen.). It's a typically quiet collection of lush, ambient music coupled with his unique smoky croon. His style has changed little over the years - arty, abstract and spartan, teetering between experimentalism and pop. Late last year a collection of remixes of songs from Blemish appeared, titled The Good Son Vs. The Only Daughter. It features remixes by Burnt Friedman, Readymade FC and a handful of Japanese remixers I am unfamiliar with. How Little We Need To Be Happy is remixed by Tatsuhiko Asano, and starts off in a conventional, downtempo way, with a lovely beat and guitar. It soon meanders off into deep, beautiful space, beatless with trumpets. The beats reappear briefly with David's processed vocals until it quietly fades out again. It's lovely and unique and very chill - maybe not for everyone, but still worth a listen.

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sweet billy pilgrim said...

Hello there... Just wanted to say that I'm not Japanese, I'm from the UK. Think my favourite on the album is 'Fire in the Forest;' a lovely reworking... Like the blog btw... Cheers, Sweet Billy P