Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lost Classic Of The Original Post Punk Era

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When I first heard today's tune in 1981 I thought it was going to be a huge hit. Sadly, it was not. The Scottish four piece Scars had the looks and the hooks. All About You has gloriously sharp guitars, a nice pounding disco-ish beat, vaguely funky bass, and a super catchy melody. It's remarkable how good this tune still sounds, though in light of the recent second wave of post punkers it shouldn't be too surprising. It's a great song from a pretty good album that is in desperate need of the remastered reissue treatment. Guitarist Paul Research continues to do music and maintains a website with photos and stories about the band. Included there is the news that Lemon Jelly sampled a big chunk of the Scars tune Horrorshow for their recent hit single Shouty Track, and several members of Scars joined the band live on stage for a performance of the song.


Fat Boab said...

Huzzah for the Scars! I used to have Horror Show on vinyl back in the day, but lost it. I've been looking for a track of theirs for ages. Nice one!

LondonLee said...

I thought The Scars should have been massive too. 'Author! Author!' was a fantastic album (I loved 'The Lady In The Car With Glasses and a Gun'), I think I might still have my copy somewhere but it does need to be out on CD.

I saw them live supporting Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls but can't remember much about them, I'm sure they were great but I only had eyes for Pauline at that time (she was fantastic)

Anonymous said...

o I loved this song too. i bought the ep and the lp, and their stuff on the fast products sampler was great too.

this song makes me think about another great lost song, "ghost shirt" by big self... jonhope