Friday, March 11, 2005

Funky Friday On The Old School Soul Tip

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The Stylistics formed in the late '60s out of the dying doo wop scene, and rose to prominence in the early '70s with a string of memorable Philly soul hits like Betcha By Golly Wow and People Make The World Go Round. Produced and written by Thom Bell and co-writer Linda Creed, it was Philly soul at it's well orchestrated best. Main vocalist Russell Thompkins Jr. has the sweetest falsetto, and is ably backed up by the rest of the band's blissful harmonies. They specialised in mid tempo grooves and balladry, and they also did a handful of covers. From their second LP, 1972's Round 2 comes this supremely soulful rendition of Carole King's classic pop hit It's Too Late. It rides almost the same groove as People Make The World Go Round and is just as lushly orchestrated - great horns too. A lovely rendition.

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Michael Plank said...

I just want to let you know that I really like your site. I've grabbed a lot of the mp3s you've posted and always appreciate your comments.

I feel the same way about TC. Thanks for the review of The Cosmic Game. I downloaded 2 tracks from it the other day and I've been holding off on the rest. (I'm still enjoying Babylon Rewound.) I'll probably use my Pepsi caps on it sooner or later!

Keep up the good work!