Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Les Batards Sensibles

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I had this post written when a series of events put an end to my plans - technical difficulties with Blogger coupled with a power failure seconds after I pushed publish caused all pertinent data to be lost. Then my daughter woke up from her afternoon nap and I was out of luck. I've got a couple of minutes, so here is an abbreviated version. TTC are a French rap group. Their latest LP is Batards Sensibles (sensible bastards, something I am not, having failed to save my post first!) - the cadences and beats of US hip hop put through an electronically enhanced French blender, with all manner of experimental noises, processed vocals and glitches thrown into the mix. It's edgy and raw, and even tho' my French is minimal, I get that these guys have a sense of humor. Song titles like "Dans Le Club" (In Da Club) and "Le Rap Jeu" (The Rap Game) bring a smile to my face. Codeine rides a hard ass beat, has some squelchy, farting synths and mile-a-minute flows. Album closer Meet The New Boss is a mellow instrumental - Kraftwerkian, spacy synthpop. A very entertaining album - and a unique take on hip hop.


etnobofin said...

Man, those electro beats on "Codeine" are pretty darn intense. Makes a change from MC Solaar...

I think that "Les Batards Sensibles" translates more correctly as "The Sensitive Bastards" - sensitive/sensible - maybe I'm nitpicking, but I thought I'd point it out.


Anonymous said...

this is INTENSE! these guy totally take that Anticon shit to the next level! i think it's played like 10 times on repeat right now and my mind is still spinnin. gotta go hunt this mother down mail order.

thnx again!