Thursday, May 26, 2005

V.S.O.B. - Oxbow Lakes

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The focus of today's edition of Very Special Old Beats is the 1995 single Oxbow Lakes (from the Orbus Terrarum LP) by those masters of tripped out atmospherics The Orb. It's amazing to think that this is 10 years old already. I love it's almost classical melody, gorgeously pounded out on a piano. It's watery, layered beats and reverb and echo all carry me blissfully away. A Guy Called Gerald's Oxbow Lakes (Everglades Mix) loses most of that gorgeous melody but adds the seductive diva coo-ed "heys" and his depth charge sonics and junglist beats that bounce and pan around your head. Carl Craig's Oxbow Lakes (Psychic Pals Family Wealth Plan Mix) takes it in a Kraftwerkian electro direction, with house-y beats and buzzing synths. Thankfully he has the sense to keep that melody and about half way through it he drops it in - I love it!


Schika said...

Thank you for this classic track from The Orb!

Anonymous said...

I do certainly agree -- that Carl Craig remix is a true slept on classic!