Thursday, May 12, 2005

A '90s Obscurity

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Eggstone - a Swedish trio, formed in the late '80s. Their 94` LP Somersault contains a quirky blend of twee pop (which has been kind of a recurrent theme around here this week), American indie pop (think Pixies), British indie pop (think XTC or Blur) and the kind of softer stuff Kings Of Convenience excel at. The Dog is built on a great set of angular riffs, the chorus is hugely catchy, and I really enjoy the xylophone versus guitar solo thing at the end. This screams hit to me, but alas, not so. The rest of the album is equally melodic and entertaining.


Buckie said...

Thanks for catching this from the cracks, I have really enjoyed it.

bob the binger said...

wow..that is quite a good track..I'll have to try and find that album