Monday, May 02, 2005


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Robert Schneider is best known as the lead singer & song writer in fuzzy, scuzzy, psychedelic twee-pop rockers the Apples In Stereo. Marbles is his solo side project, and he's just released a new LP called Expo. There has been one previous album released - 1997's Pyramid Landing and Other Favorites, which is a compilation of the material he had recorded up to that point. Although I haven't heard that one, a friend who has it confirms that it's much like the Apples - twee pop. Expo has moments that could be classified like that too, but here the music has been synthetically enhanced with lots of electronic sheen. It's the Apples In Stereo meets Gary Numan, especially on album opener Circuit
with it's Numan circa 1981 keyboard riff. This is a pretty good indication of what the album has to offer - sunny melodies with a nice mix of scuzz and technology.

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Ion said...

Happy to see Schneider playing Marbles again. Have you heard his other solo project Ulysses? It's pretty dark stuff, with downbeat songs about his romantic breakup with fellow Apple member Hillary. Hillary has her own offshoot band as well, the excellent High Water Marks, who sound a bit like AIS and Dressy Bessy.