Thursday, May 19, 2005

V.S.O.B. - Very Special Old Beats

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The lads over at Empire State Human and Headphone Sex have been posting some slammin' electronic beats (both old and new school) over the last few weeks, and it's got me digging through stuff to get in on the action. 10 years ago Rising High Records put out the compilation pictured above - dodgy title for sure, but some killer tunes from RHC and Plavka, The Black Dog, Air Liquide, Ride (remixed by Portishead) and several tunes either by or remixed by Wagon Christ. Here are a couple of those Wagon Christ moments ...

His "Me Too" remix of Project One's Cheeba '95 - I Like to Smoke Marijuana is a seriously booming junglist ode to the finer pleasures of the fragrant herb and it's meditative properties. One of my personal favorite jungle tracks.

Wagon Christ's Reedin' (Redone) is a remix of a tune from the classic Throbbing Pouch album. I love the jazzy vibe - woozy horns and reeds, swanky vibraphones, all slowly building up and falling back down again.


Anonymous said...
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darwin said...

Me too.


darwin said...

Btw, the original of that "I Like To Smoke Marijuana" is by Linval Thompson and it's a great tune. Let me know if you want a copy.. :)