Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Sexual Life Of The Savages

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Today I'm following up on last week's lost classics of Brazilian post-punk Não Wave post. I mentioned there that I had just found another compilation that looked at the same São Paulo post-punk scene - The Sexual Life Of The Savages, put out on the great Soul Jazz label. It's another fantastic set of tunes - in fact I think that it's actually a better look at the scene than Não Wave. There's a bit more variety on it, including several great synth pop tunes (think '80s Depeche Mode in Portuguese!). Again I'm amazed at what a vibrant scene it was, and how well these bands hold up when compared to their peers. It's been a real blast discovering this stuff, and it's been difficult deciding what to share with you because it's all so good and varied. I've decided to go with all girl band As Mercenarias' Panico - a short sharp blast of punk-pop energy, so tight with it's chunky bass and angry guitars. This jumped out of the speakers at me and made an instant impression. I cannot recommend these two compilations enough - they're incredible!


20jazzfunkgreats said...

Do you recon Panico are named after this?

I don't know if its coincidence they brought out the new album and then all this other stuff started appearing, or if it was generally bubbling under.
Either way the trains potters that run soul jazz have done a great job.

Ion said...

Great tune! Reminds me a bit of Switzerland's Kleenex/Lilipit. Nice Electrelane song too. Let's hear it for the ladies!!