Sunday, May 29, 2005

Apply Some Pressure

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Maxïmo Park are a Newcastle four piece whose debut album A Certain Trigger gets it's US release this Tuesday. Since the prevailing musical mood in the indie rock world today is post-punk - here's where I namecheck The Jam Gang Of XTC - they fit right in. Of their peers they sound most like The Futureheads, though without that band's glorious 4 part vocal harmonizing. To me sounding like The Futureheads is a good thing. Apply Some Pressure is sharp and buzzing new wave, and features a great catchy chorus and some very cool keyboards. Much the same can be said for single b-side I Want You To Leave, though it's less catchy and more frenetic. Still pretty damn sharp tho'. One other little odditiy of note regarding this record is that it's being released by Warp Records, a label not usually known for it's indie rock roster. If you're not over the whole post-punk, new-wave revival thing that's been going on for the last couple of years - and I'm not, yet - then you will probably dig this record!


headphonesex said...

I can't stop listening to this album.

I can't explain why.

But I love it.

BFSH said...

hi there,
i like this album very much too.
and i have written something about them on my own blog too.... but in chinese....

p.s. first time here, hi!

Dirty Jase said...

Crazy...mostly I listen to metal lately but this record is awesome!

Maarten Kneppers said...

Sounds as something I would certainly want to check out. Very catchy & smart pop.