Monday, May 23, 2005

Funktastic Breaks

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Today's tracks are a couple of current hits from Amerie and Nicole Wray. Two beautiful r'n'b divas (look out for the videos - they are gorgeous), they are riding hit singles that are variations of the theme that Beyoncé brought us with Crazy In Love - classic vintage funk stylings, sparse percussive breakbeats, and plenty of attitude. Amerie's 1 Thing (Remix featuring Jay-Z) definitely follows that earlier blueprint, but roughs it up even further - I love the grittiness of the music on this tune, and the beats are fierce. This is a remix of the tune that features a cameo rap from Jay-Z. Nicole Wray's If I Was Your Girlfriend is much smoother, though similarly sparse in it's construction. Instead of a James Brown vibe it's got more of a Shaft thing going on, especially with those wacka-wacka guitar riffs. I really dig these tunes - get your groove on.


Jesse a.k.a. The Vicar said...

man oh man you just made my day! great selections 1nce again!

Michael said...

My friend likes the Amerie song alot, but I'm not sure if he's heard the remix. So I've linked to your post on my site, just for him. What are friends for. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nicole is soooo hot!