Saturday, June 25, 2005

Would You Like To See My Sex Tape?

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Back at the beginning of the month 20 Jazz Funk Greats posted a link to the video for the song Paris Hilton by MU. I'd heard a track by them on the excellent Channel 3 compilation from Output Recordings and never investigated any further. Until I watched that video. It's goofy and lo-fi, and vocalist Mutsumi Kanamori's antics are wacky, and after a couple of listens I was sold. I picked up the album Out Of Breach (Manchester's Revenge). Created with her hubby Maurice Fulton, it's a very challenging, entertaining mix of state of the art electronics and edgy post-punk rock instrumentation, all topped off by the ranting and raving lunacy that is Mutsumi Kanamori. It is definitely not going to be liked by everyone, but if you can handle a little experimentation you will dig it. It's funny stuff with lyrics that will make you chuckle, as will some of the song titles - Stop Bothering Michael Jackson, We Love Guys Named Luke and Throwing Up. Paris Hilton is pretty amusing too. It's also one hell of a pounding electro-house track. It's got big booming beats and sharp buzzing synth bass and lots of all-important cow bell, as well as a bunch of old skool electro handclaps. It should having you shaking your ass in no time. The chicken squawks are what make this tune great for me - I don't know why, but they just do. You'll hear what I mean, and hopefully you'll find them funny too!

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20jazzfunkgreats said...

Cheers for the shout!
Glad we got another Mu fan, go see live if you ever get the chnace.