Monday, June 13, 2005

No More Shoes

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I'm finding Stephen Malkmus' latest album to be pretty entertaining. It's the usual hit and miss collection of sun kissed stoner rock, with sideways looks at new wave, disco and even a wee bit of synth-y pop. I have enjoyed all of the Malkmus records to a certain degree - ditto with Pavement. I really like this track - No More Shoes. It's a 7 or 8 minute guitar-spazz jam, featuring some great Steely Dan moments - the guitar solos are pure early '70s Dan, and even the title sounds like a Dan song. In my head I see Jeff "Skunk" Baxter rocking Malkmus' face off in the studio. Sweet, dude.

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miike said...

These are some good tracks. Malkmus is sweet. If you don't mind, I would like to link your site.

I have some tunes posted on my Blog as well.Check it out;