Thursday, June 02, 2005

More Women Who Rock

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The last couple of days worth of posts have all featured women who rock so I'm sticking with that theme today. Axes is the name of the third album from Brighton four piece Electrelane. These girls play largely instrumental indie rock that incorporates art-rock, post-punk, prog and krautrock and even some classical flavor. They are masters of establishing and working a groove, building up and breaking down and then up again. It's music that is beautifully embellished with horns and the occasional choral arrangement, and also features some terrific piano pounding. Atom's Tomb is short and sweet - starts off mellow and gradually builds, adding layers of piano and massed voices. I love the vibe they bring, making music that is somehow very traditional yet also totally inventive and experimental. I don't think it's quite as good as the last album (The Power Out, one of my faves of last year) but it's still a pretty good listen.


Anonymous said...

It was kind of nice but it ended so abruptly, did you only post the first two minutes or was it really the end of the song? It seemed like they could have gone on adding and removing layers and modifying the music for a little while longer.


Michael said...

That's the whole thing. I kind of like the abruptness of it.