Friday, June 10, 2005

Funky Friday On The Slick Euro Tip

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The Austrian Posse
Richard Dorfmeister (yes, the one from Kruder and...) & Rupert Huber's project Tosca have a new LP out. Called J.A.C., it's a typically laid back, jazzy, blues-y dubbed out collection of mostly downtempo grooves. There are a few more vocal tracks than usual, but it's essentially more of the same music they've been doing for the last few years. Since I'm a sucker for their slick grooves, I particularly enjoy Damentag, one of the more uptempo tracks on offer. It rides a great disco beat, has some funky ass bass and lot's of dreamy, blippy keys. Perfect for tooling around the house or getting ready for a night out.

"You think you're chocolate but you're chewing gum..."
Scandahoovian chanteuse Annie has been the buzz of the blog world for over a year now. Her debut Anniemal was out last year - everywhere except here of course. Patience pays off though - the LP got it's US release this week. Featuring production from Richard X and Röyksopp's Torbjørn Brundtland, it's an absolutely smashing collection of candy coated dance pop. Catchy, with all manner of beats and hooks and sugary gloss, it's smart and sassy and deserves to be huge. If you haven't already heard it (and a lot of you probably already have) you will love the single Chewing Gum which is a fun, summmery tune that floats over killer sampled beats from the Tom Tom Club's classic Genius Of Love. The rest of the album is just as much fun - if you like catchy electro dance pop (Kylie? Saint Etienne? Madonna wishes she could've made this record) you will really dig this album.

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