Friday, June 17, 2005

Funky Friday On The Scritti Tip

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"Where the words are vodka clear..."
It's the third and final day of Scritti Politti posts in honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of Cupid & Psyche 85. Absolute is another great single from the album. It's got a booming beat, fab Fairlight action, crystal clear synth stabs and those gloriously soulful "oooh, I love you"s, as well as one hell of a cool break - that gamelan gong-y sounding bit in the middle. Typically sharp Green lyrics too. It's fantastic.

"I need love for the power..."
Here's a little bonus album track for you. If you read the comment from yesterday's post you would have seen where John called Don't Work That Hard this album's secret weapon. He's right. For me it's all about the furious bass poppin' of Marcus Miller - too damn funky! - and that blazing, "attack the guitar" solo by guitar legend Robert Quine - it inspires me to flail at my air guitar while I shake it.

For some more Scritti flavor head over to Lost In The '80s for the Chaka Khan tune "Love Of A Lifetime" - written by and featuring vocals from Green. Good stuff.


John said...

It's like a "Crisis on Infinite Blogs" crossover!!

Amy said...

Fab Scritti posts! This album helped me survive my mid-teens. I played the cassette on my Walkman so many times it wore out and I had to buy a second copy. Now that you've reminded me how fantastic it is I'm gonna have to get the CD. (The young kids can ask their parents about those unfamiliar "cassette" and "Walkman" references.)

Michael said...

"The young kids can ask their parents about those unfamiliar "cassette" and "Walkman" references"

He he he...

You know, I've never owned a copy of the Scritti album on anything other than vinyl. I still own a shitload of cassettes too. Some day I'm gonna have to break into them for posting fodder - I'm sure there's some interesting stuff in there!