Monday, June 20, 2005

RJD2's Instrumentalism

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Today's tunes come from In Rare Form, an album full of previously unreleased instrumental tracks from ace hip-hop beatmaster RJD2. Some of the tracks are from his own records, some are from the collaborations he's done with others. The bottom line though is that they are all great, pumping tracks. The beats are fresh, the samples tasty, and the grooves will definitely get your head bobbing. As much as I dig raps on stuff, I really prefer instrumental hiphop so this set really hits all the right spots for me. I had a really hard time picking tunes to post because they're pretty much all slammin' - I chose Saliva and The Takeoff. These are not the best tracks on the album - you'll have to buy the record for yourself to get those - but they're still pretty fresh, and a good indication of what is on offer. Bonus points to anyone who can name the source of the music on The Takeoff - I know I know it but for the life of me I cannot remember what it's from!

Silence Is A Rhythm Too is on a well deserved vacation with the family this week - I piled the wife and kids into the van and hit the road Saturday. We are in Indiana visiting friends who have a computer, so there might be a few more posts this week. In any event, daily posts will return next week so be sure to come back!


Anonymous said...

it's jean michel jarre.
the takeoff one that is.

Michael said...

I knew it! I thank you very much for confirming that for me - I thught that was what it is, but I just couldn't be sure. Cheers!