Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Maximum Bleep

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The god/grandfathers of electronic music Kraftwerk are currently on a small US tour. Is Minneapolis on the tour? No. The nearest they came to me was Chicago last
weekend. Since I work full time and am married with two kids it takes a lot of effort to get to a show like that. Suffice it to say I didn't make it - boo. This week they released a 2CD live set called Minimum - Maximum, recorded on last year's world tour. It's the closest I'm gonna get to seeing 'em - the booklet is filled with cool photos from the shows, and the tunes are ace. Since the very first Kraftwerk record I ever owned was the 7" of Pocket Calculator, backed with Dentaku (same song, lyrics in Japanese) I give you the live in '04 versions. The beats are a bit faster, but it's still the same ace slab of blippy, bloppy bleepy pop brilliance.
Pocket Calculator

Play the two in the order shown as they run into each other - and don't forget to do your best robot dance!


Anonymous said...

The related DVD is expected later this year!
Check out a clip here:

I saw them in DC and NY, both shows were *great*!

FHFC said...

When Kraftwerk came to the Warfield last year it was the last shows I was able to usher before ClearChannel changed the policy so that ushers had to be employed by them (they used to let folks seat patrons for the first act in exchange for a full access & a drink ticket). Ranks up there in the top 5 shows I've seen in my life. Can't wait for the DVD!