Thursday, June 09, 2005

Instrumental Head

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Death In Vegas' Satan's Circus was released to the world last year. Us Yanks had to wait for it's US release a couple of weeks ago. Over the years they have mutated from the grimy, rockist-electro-big beat roots of their debut Dead Elvis into a straight up grimy rock band (The Contino Sessions) and then into a grimy Krautrockin' groove machine (Scorpio Rising, which nicely blended the electro and rockist tendencies). Satan's Circus picks up nicely from where they left off - lots of drone-y synths, fuzzy guitar riffs, and grooves stretched out and worked over. Zugaga is so Kraftwerk - the riff is pure homage. I have enjoyed all of the musical avenues these guys have taken and this one is no different. Head is a nice space-y yet rocking instrumental, and a good indication of what the record is all about. What's also cool about this release is that it's a 2 disc set - the second disc is the band live at the Brixton Academy, with tunes from all of their albums. While musically it fails to tread any new ground, I like both of the CDs a lot. Good for listening to while driving.

Check This Out
Jockohomo has some killer tunes up right now - LCD Soundsystem's "P-Funk Is Playing At My House" is HUGE and then there's Dsico's insane cover of The Power Station's Some Like It Hot. It's all good.

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