Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SIART Says...


Joakim - Love & Romance & A Special Person
Milky Ways
Sept. 15th on !K7
I'm pretty sure Joakim's new record Milky Ways is going to end up as one of my faves of this year. He is the production maestro behind the disco rock deliciousness of Panico and Poni Hoax. Milky Ways is his second LP, and is a tasty mash up of psychedelia, old-school computer music, exotica, electro-pop, blues, new wave and Krautrock. Suffice it to say it is right up my alley, and it has been getting plenty of play. I am a sucker for his style - it is classy yet edgy, sometimes sweet and then abrasive. Recorded with his touring band, the tracks range from funky disco to post punk to noise rock. It takes inspiration from the 80's (sometimes it reminds me of old school Roxy Music), but definitely makes something new from it. Love & Romance & A Special Person is a prefect introduction - it incorporates a groovy beat, Trevor Horn key stabs, goofy Mac talk computer voices, and soaring, dreamy human vocals, all dressed up in shimmering arpeggios. Excellent.


stephanie said...

I cannot wait for this album. I love his work. I can pretty much guarantee I will be obsessed with it. Have you heard Kleerup? I think you might like some off of their new album. Love your site.

Michael said...

Yes I have heard the Kleerup record and I like it.

You will LOVE the Joakim album.

Jasper said...

You don't know how long I've been searching for this song! I didn't know title nor artist of the song but when I read this I knew it should be tie song I was looking for. This is a trip down memory lane.
Thanks very much!