Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Mama A House

Teddybears - Get Mama A House
So this afternoon I was hanging out with my kids, watching music videos on the old YouTube. We were checking out some sassy Robyn vids, including Cobrastyle. It is a song that was originally recorded by the Teddybears on their 2006 album Soft Machine - which my kids also really love. That led to watching some Teddybears vids, but there were not too many quality choices. This of course led me to the band's own website where, to my great surprise, I found a new song and two remixes. For free. Up for grabs. I love the internets. Get Mama A House is a gritty little pop tune that, musically, reminds me vaguely of The Stranglers. It sounds like classic Teddybears, combining vintage rock, modern electronics and goofy lyrics into a zippy number to make you bob your head and smile. Grab yourself the song and the remixes. From Devils Music, out later this fall.


Sean said...

I love it when that happens. Like when you think of a band and wonder when their next CD is coming out, so you look it up and it is coming out next week.

Michael said...

I know - too cool.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Great summer song. Thanks! Check out the Teddybears remix of Peter Bjorn and John's - 'Nothing To Worry About'