Friday, July 03, 2009

Funky Friday

Your 4th o' July party pack of beats for your feets is ready for mass consumption. My "tip of the hat" to the departed MJ is Discovery's lovely cover of I Want You Back from their forthcoming album called LP. Filthy Dukes jam post-punk, pop and electronics into a slamming brew of catchiness. The Emperor Machine are your Miami Vice/sci-fi/Italo soundtrack dream - Kananana is pure disco fun. Sleazy McQueen is excellent scratchy NYC No Wave funk from the very tasty Bearfunk comp Hibernation Vol.1. The latest round of remastered reissues from the Rolling Stones is out - Tattoo You, Some Girls, Undercover and Emotional Rescue, which gives us the tough strut of Dance Pt.1. Aussie electro man Faux Pas sent me a dreamy little demo he made. One of my favorite records right now is Bodies Of Water by Minneapolis' own Solid Gold. They have achieved a perfect blend of rock riffage, heavenly pop choruses and electronic dance trickery that I can't get enough of. Blo are a vintage '70s funk combo out of Nigeria - I dare you to sit still through this one! Two more SIART faves - Miike Snow has hit my hi-fi like a hurricane these last couple of weeks. I was a bit meh at first and then it clicked. It is a lovely album of electronic adult contemporary pop with some rock-ist touches that is very hard to decribe or classify. One song reminds me of Spoon, another of Royksopp, another of something more pastoral like the Beach Boys. It is all over the place, but yet makes a great whole. Mos Def has a new record out called The Ecstatic, and I give it two thumbs up. It is a funky set of tracks featuring Mos' unique sing song flow over beats by Madlib, Mister Flash, Preservation, Chad Hugo and J Dilla. Talib Kweli raps on one tune - look for a reunited Black Star in the not too distant future!

Discovery - I Want You Back (In Discovery)
Filthy Dukes - Twenty Six Hundred
The Emperor Machine - Kananana
Sleazy McQueen - One Extra Day
The Rolling Stones - Dance Pt.1
Faux Pas - Vanderbilt (Demo)
Solid Gold - Synchronize
Blo - Get That Groove In
Miike Snow - Cult Logic
Mos Def - Casa Bey

Discovery have announced a special early release of their new album, LP. "With the help of our friends at Amie Street, we are releasing the album a week early for only $8. When you purchase the album, $2 will be donated to Oxfam America, an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. Oxfam's focus on broad advocacy and local relief for the impoverished is inspiring and we hope our support brings more awareness about their projects and goals.

Click HERE to purchase the new album. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for supporting this excellent organization!

Rostam and Wes"

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