Friday, July 17, 2009

Funky Friday Late Edition

Microfilm are Matthew (electronics) & Matt (lyrics/vocals) from Portland, OR. They found me on Twitter, sent me some tunes and thankfully I like them. Their second album The Slingshot Orchestra came out at the end of last year and got good press. They make what they call 'melancholic disco'. Melancholy is definitely spot on - Matt & Matthew nail moody. But they go beyond disco. I see them carrying on the fine tradition of classic eighties synth pop. Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order (you know, the good stuff) - these are the DNA strands they begin with. Then they trick it out with the electronics and laptop buggery of the 'oughties. They glitch it up a bit, taking it from minimal to lush and back. They do house-y things, dreamy electro pop (The Love Theme) and some cinematic ambient stuff (Dario Argento). They've remixed Ladytron. They tread a similar path to the Junior Boys and Matthew Dear. These are all good things.

This May brought an EP called International Velvet which sees them taking a harder edged, glam stomp approach to the synths & beats. If There Be Thorns puts me in the mind of Orbital.

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Mcrofilm - Dario Argento
Mcrofilm - The Love Theme
The Slingshot Orchestra
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Mcrofilm - If There Be Thorns
International Velvet EP
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