Wednesday, July 01, 2009

SIART Says...

Spinnerette - Ghetto Love
One of my current favorites is the new self titled debut album from Spinnerette. This is the new band fronted by former Distiller (and wife of Josh Homme) Brody Dalle. The record has her recording with Alain Johannes, former Red Hot Chili Pepper/Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons and former Distiller bandmate Tony Bevilaqua. It is a sexy, raunchy, rockin' good time, filled with catchy choruses, and a pile up of grunge, punk, garage and new wave riffs. It is the perfect female companion to the last few QOTSA/Eagles Of Death Metal records, which Dalle, Johannes and Bevilaqua have all been involved in. People will probably be offended by the album cover's rather forward approach, but I am not one of them. (can't. stop. looking.) And ladies, because I believe in equal opportunity sexy, let me point you in the direction of this Twitpic of Lenny Kravitz's bubble butt that he posted a while back.

Rye Rye - Bang feat.M.I.A.


Tosca - Rosa

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Luke said...

Very interesting use of the black and white contrast... quite dramatic... but definitely a grooving tune... rudimentary but hits all the right spots...