Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Warner Brothers has just released yet another "cash in on the Prince back catalog" collection. Called Ultimate, it's a two disc set. Disc one is the hit singles, disc two is a collection of 12 " versions and dance remixes. I was able to "obtain" a copy of the second disc, and it features some smokin' versions of classic Prince tunes. Today's selections come from 1985's Around The World In A Day. This album was the follow up to Purple Rain, and was a poke in the eye for fans who were expecting more of the same. Instead, they got whimsical, psychedelic pop nuggets and spartan funk workouts like Tambourine. While not as successful as it's predecessor, it still shifted enough copies to go triple platinum. I personally love the record, and see it as an important musical step in his everchanging career path.
Raspberry Beret (12" Version)
Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix)

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