Thursday, September 28, 2006


Mouse On Mars are back with a new LP called Varcharz. It is their noisiest, edgiest in years. This fits with the fact that the record is on Ipecac Records, which is Mike Patton's experimental label. No pop vocals or collaborations with Mark E. Smith here, just lots of loudness. The duo of Andi Toma and Jan St.Werner were rumored to have met at a death metal concert, so it is only natural that that influence creeps into this record. That can make for occasionally challenging listening, as on Düül or Retphase. Beats, glitches, distortion and shards of noise fight for space. Quite a step away from the almost pop-tastic vibes of 2004's Radical Connector. That having been said, today I share one of the lighter moments on the LP, I Go Ego Why Go We Go - a mid tempo beat, a nice melody, and a touch of glitch here and there make this one a head nodder.

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