Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pieces Of The People We Love

There are many new records to sift through this week - see Monday's post for a list of stuff that came out yesterday. As a result I have been spending time listening to new music instead writing about it. It has been a bit overwhelming to say the least - "what do I play next?!?" I haven't had any time to really give anything more than one or two plays, so there are no real critical comments either. A few postive impressions? The Yo La Tengo record is beautiful and expansive and I can't believe they can still impress me so. Bettie Serveert continue their middle aged mellowing period, and I like what I hear from them too. Can't say what I think about the Basement Jaxx - needs a few more plays. The one song that has made a big impression is from the one time "next big things" The Rapture. Their new album Pieces Of The People We Love ditches the punk part of their old punk-funk sound in favor of slick dance floor moves. Production is handled by electronic remixer Ewan Pearson, Paul Epworth (Bloc Party/Maximo Park/The Rakes) and man of the hour Danger Mouse, who works on two tracks. The album puts the emphasis on the funk, but there is still plenty of guitar action to keep me satisifed. The album kicks off with Don Gon Do It. It starts with layered vocals reminiscent of Queen, explodes in squelchy funk, and unfolds to a chorus that is pure sing-song happiness. This tune really grabbed me, and I love the handclaps that come in about halfway through and the very Steely Dan guitar riffing down the stretch. So far so good.

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