Friday, September 08, 2006

Funky Friday Sass

Kelis is another one of my guilty pleasures. Her debut was full of cheek and sass and cool leftfield influences, a kind of 'hood take on Bjork, all gussied up by The Neptunes. The video of her screaming "I hate you so much right now!" was arresting too. The follow up Wanderland never got a US release and I've never heard it. Her third LP, 2003's Tasty, broke her into the mainstream and moved away from the artier tendencies of her earlier stuff. Milkshake was all about bounce and booty. Her latest effort is called Kelis Was Here. Lead single Bossy picks up where Milkshake left off, all sass and bounce, plus a guest spot for '90s hip hopper Too $hort. The rest of the album is up and down, though overall I'm enjoying it. Fave tune right now is the collaboration with man of the hour Cee-Lo. He wrote and produced Lil Star, which is a sweet and soulful retro shuffle, all about positive affirmation. It also has killer chorus vocals from the man himself - "just keep trying...". Fabulous.

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