Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I was at the record store today and stumbled across a new Polyphonic Spree EP called Wait. Now, I love me some Spree. Sure, it might be on the verge of being cultish, but I love the hippy vibe, the bigness of the band, and the positivity. It helps that the music is good. Live it is an unforgettable experience. Anyway, the EP has five tunes on it, two of which are newbies from their forthcoming LP The Fragile Army. The other three songs are covers. One is Sonic Bloom, which is an old Tripping Daisy song - Tim DeLaughter's old band before he cleaned up and found the robes. The other two are today's selections. Love My Way is an old Psychedelic Furs song that I have always loved, and this is a pretty nice version that benefits from the Spree's mass act - I love the vocals singing some of the main melody and the little guitar motif that has been added. Lithium is of course the Nirvana classic, taken from their breakthrough album Nevermind. Again the mass vocals, the horns, and the orchestration of the Spree makes this a memorable recreation. I love it when a band can make a cover their own, and these two work for me.

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