Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Rorschach Suite

Moodgadget is an indie electronic music label. It is affiliated with a couple of other well known indies, Ghostly International and Spectral Sound. They have released a new compilation called The Rorschach Suite. From their press release -

"Compiled by Ghostly International/ Spectral Sound A+R Jakub Alexander, this comp covers a wide range of “avant pop” music from Psych Folk, Deep Minimal, IDM, and Downtempo. Put together to show the diversity in electronically made music, this compilation includes talents like Dykehouse (Ghostly), Benoit Pioulard (Kranky), JDSY (Ghostly), Wisp (Sublight, Hymen) as well as many new faces."

They have made three tracks available for free, and they show diversity and quality.

The Hexx - Revista Moda - swirling, shoegazey uptempo electro with arpeggiators set on stun.

Small Sails - Aftershocks And Afterthoughts - post-rock and electronics and floaty pop combined with ethereal vocals. Lovely.

Mux Mool - Lost And Found - a bumpin' glitch hop rhythm track, quirky keys and a slight feeling of melancholy. Head nodding goodness.

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