Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tweaking Roland

The latest single from VHS Or Beta is You Got Me. In it's original form it is an updated new wave song. It sounds kind of like a Duran Duran electro/rock/pop tune as sung by The Cure's Robert Smith. There are two sets of remixes on the single. Baby Daddy from Scissor Sisters turns in a remix and dub, both of which are slick synth-pop-disco takes on the tune. The other remixes come courtesy of The Juan Maclean. The vocal version is an electro house adventure with lots of syndrum tom rolls, squelchy bass and a bit of Roland action. You Got Me (The Juan Maclean Dub) is stripped of all the vocals and instead focuses on the tweaking of many Roland riffs, eight and a half minutes of them. Banks and banks of them competing for headphone space, clashing for echo supremacy, building up and then decaying into nothing only to come storming back again. I like tweaking. And the nice kitties on the cover too...

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