Thursday, February 02, 2006

Un Peu De Hip Hop

I have been a long time fan of DJ Cam. Laurent Daumail's take on hip hop is largely instrumental, filled with cool jazz samples and classic hip hop vocal snippets. It sounds as if it could have been crafted in the hood in Brooklyn, not France. Over the years he has branched out, working with respected US rappers, Frank Black, and on the Soulshine record he takes a stab at a more organic r'n'b style. A very tasty remix collection hit US stores this week. Called Revisited By, it's got remixes by his French peers Kid Loco, Bob Sinclar and Demon, as well as mixes by Kenny Dope, J Dilla and Lord Finessee. I like DJ Premier's classic style brought to his remix of Voodoo Child featuring Afu Ra (DJ Premier Remix). It's got a terrific beat, bumping samples, and killer scratching - all of Premier's trademark moves. I also love the "keep it real in the rap game" sample - bonus points to you if you can remind me what the original source is. Also very bumping is the remix turned in by '90s UK trip hoppers and Mo Wax Records stars Attica Blues. Success (Attica Blues Remix) is taken from it's more minimal origins on the excellent 1998 LP The Beat Assasinated and beefed up with all kinds of synths and samples and fat beats. A pretty bitching set of remixes.

This should put a smile on your face...

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