Monday, February 13, 2006

Mornings Eleven

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The Magic Numbers' self titled debut was released last June in the UK and hit US shores in October - yeah, I know, I'm a bit late coming to this party. I finally fell sway to the hype and hubbub ("two sets of brothers and sisters rocking you like a Mamas and Papas for the 21st century!") and picked it up a few weeks ago. Turns out to be a good move - I am loving it. You see the band described a lot as "California Dreamin" types - breezy, lots of great melodies and mucho harmonizing. All of those things are there, but in a more rockist setting. I would describe them as a softer, gentler New Pornographers meets a more feminine Kings Of Leon, with some of that breezy Mamas & Papas stuff folded discreetly into the mix. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it all, but I like it. I've been playing it at work a bit and some of the people there seem to be enjoying it too which is always a good sign. The album opens with Mornings Eleven, and sets the tone perfectly - it sums up the band's style and sound, and you know what you're in for. There are several slower ballads here, and they are lovely, but it's the summery pop rockers that have me coming back. A perfect little bit of Valentine's Day sweetness - lovelorn, classic pop songs detailing the ups and downs of romance.

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