Thursday, February 09, 2006

Need You Tonight

I've been known to enjoy a bit of the mainstream stuff every once in a while. This week finally saw the US release of Mylo's 2004 debut Destroy Rock & Roll. This is a mainstream dance album that has already been huge all over the world. The album has been expanded for it's US release, with a couple of remixes and the UK#1 mashup of Miami Sound Machine's Dr.Beat and his own Drop The Pressure. It's a built-on-a-G4 combination of house, electro, breaks, '80s pop (Kim Carnes' Bette Davis Eyes is in the house), synth pop and a wee bit of rock guitar. Yes, it's slick. Yes, it's been successful. And yes, I like it. There's this one tune on it that really grabbed me, and it isn't one of the big hit singles. Bit of a sidestep here - background details. The year is 1979. I had just moved to the UK. There was this big hit song called Stay With Me Till Dawn by Judie Tzuke. It's a lush ballad that reminds me a lot of 10cc's I'm Not In Love - it's similarly rich and melodic and even a bit spaced out. I loved this song. For whatever reason I never bought the 45, and it's been years since I have heard it. Mylo lifts big chunks of the tune for his LP track Need You Tonight - the title of which comes from Judie's lyrics. Once the first bit of the sample played I was flush with memories. The track itself isn't anything spectacular - he's essentially tarted up the original with some nice beats and strings and keyboards - but I still like it. Ahh, memories...

...and if anybody out there has a copy of the Judie Tzuke original that they want to hook me up with, please do!

Ask & Ye Shall Receive
A late breaking update...
In one of those it only happens on the internet moments Gil over at Motel de Moka posted not only this Mylo tune but the Judie Tzuke original and a mash up of her song and Pink Floyd's Breathe. Fantastic. ¡Gracias a Gil por la musica!

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