Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sonic Mayhem Cures Midweek Blahs

Forget Devo2.0. Japan's Polysics have been taking all that is good from the originals - the synths, the spazz riffs and loony tunes, the uniforms - and mixing it with surf & noise rock & synthpop & arcade game noises for seven years now. In the process they've revitalized the whole kit and kaboodle - instead of the sanitized rehash of the Disney owned, kid friendly Devo2.0. On the new LP Now Is The Time! Polysics turn in their most accessible album yet. Several tracks are produced by Andy Gill (Gang Of Four), and some of it even gets a bit electro-poppy. Walky Talky is pure Devolution - the synth bass, squiggly guitars and keys, and quirky vocals. I love the keyboards on this - beep bop boop bop. ¡Muy authenico! I also really dig their cover of the old Jerry Lee Lewis (and Iggy Pop) Mike Chapmann/Nick Chinn-penned song (originally recorded by Suzi Quatro) Wild One. I enjoy a good cover - where the band really makes the song their own - and this really fits the bill for me. From the meaty bass to the goofy keyboard breaks to the spazzed guitars this tune has me banging my head along. I heart Polysics.

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