Thursday, March 23, 2006

Post-punk In 2006

There has been a resurgence in post-punk music over the last few years. The '80s hit that 20 year anniversary mark and became the point of reference for all kinds of bands. It has spawned a spate of '80s inspired post-punkers on both sides of the pond. I love a lot of the bands for obvious reasons. Interpol, The Rapture, Franz F, Futureheads, Maximo Park, Editors, The Rakes, Bloc Party et al have channeled much that is good from that decade's legends. There are also a lot of people out here on the interweb who feel that the second wave of post-punkers have outlived their welcome, recycling riffs that are better left unplayed. I do feel that the genre has definitely been overhyped, but damn, I like the music. Take Sweden's Love Is All. Their debut LP Nine Times That Same Song is 10 tracks of hugely inspired post-punk rock. They are loud and at times shambolic. They have a shouty girl lead singer and majorly skronked out sax. They bust out the door rocking, and barely let up. Ageing Had Never Been His Friend is a stomping disco number with big hissy hi-hats, scruffy guitars, the aforementioned sax skronk, some nice floaty keys and a killer melody. The spirit of Poly Styrene and X-Ray Spex lives on. Busy Doing Nothing is more of the same, but built from cast off parts of songs by The Pop Group. That chang-chang-chang-chang-chang-chang guitar riff has me awaiting Mark Stewart's yelped "we are all prostitutes". This song has a great breakdown - love that bass riff and those glossy cymbals. A tremendously fun record.

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