Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another post-punk mix tape free for all today. Some of these songs get mentions in Simon Reynold's book and some are my personal additions to the canon. A lot of these have been posted here before so it makes it easy to share them again. Read the book, listen to the music, be highly entertained. (The compilation pictured above, Rough Trade Shops Post-Punk 01, is another good place to get hold of some great tunes from the seminal label and shop of the era.)

Magazine - The Light Pours Out Of Me - Devoto at his egocentric best, with gloriously sharp riffage.

Way Of The West - Just For White Boys - this is an obscurity from my crate of 7"s - these guys never did more than a couple of singles before disappearing. I always dug this tune, especially the weird ska break in the middle. Nice bass and guitar too.

Killing Joke - Tension - tribal art punk at it's best, with crushing beats and riffs and the demented Jaz screaming about tension. Makes me want ot headbutt something.

Shake Shake! - Shake Shake! - another obscurity, and a one off. They were studio guys (they had recorded with Virna Lindt) who, after this single, went on to record as I-Level and to work with John Foxx. These guys do the quirky, jerky new wave thing to perfection.

Shake Shake! - Yellow Ditty - b-side of that last one...

Visage - Fade To Grey (12" Version) - the classic New Romantic song. This song blew me away back in the day, and can still give me shivers today. Love it.

Set The Tone - Dance Sucker - this one is the shit. Huge dance beats, thick and chunky bass riff and spiky guitars make this an unheralded punk-funk classic.

Famous Names - Holiday Romance - another bit of oddball indie rock from the crate of 7"s, and another one single band (to the best of my knowledge).

Public Image Limited - Public Image - the death of Johnny Rotten. Hello Mr. Lydon, I recognize that sneer...

The Associates - Club Country (12" Version) - Billy Mackenzie, the voice that you either love or hate, and Alan Rankine created music unlike anything I'd heard before. It was art rock and electronics, commercial yet experimental, with Billy's operatics soaring all over the place. This is one of those tracks that thrilled me the first time I heard it, and still thrills me today.

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