Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You Wish

Nightmares On Wax have a new LP, In A Space Outta Sound, out today - in the US. UK peeps have to wait until March 20th. I just got it this morning and have given it the once over, once - not enough to have a proper opinion yet. Having said that, it sounds pretty much like what you'd expect from E.A.S.E. (George Evelyn) on his sixth record - lazy day, stoner dub-hop, sunny and warm, an occasional burst of disco or jazziness and lots of mellow repetition. For a lot of people the repetion is boring, but I dig the way E.A.S.E. works a loop. This record initially sounds a lot more raw and stripped down than the last couple have, and that's a good thing. The last few records have been more song oriented, and even though there are a few vocals on this, it largely moves back into the musical realm of Smoker's Delight and Carboot Soul. The dub soundsystem on the cover seems to sum up the LP's approach - a rawer, looser, more electronic sonic stew. You Wish is nice - looped guitar, jazzy Rhodes and a mellow, barely-there beat make this a pleasant way to kill 3 minutes. I like what I've heard so far...

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