Monday, November 14, 2005

Sweet 7"s of the '80s - Souvenir

Yowsa! The day from hell conspired against a timely post today. The theme this week is all 7" single action all the time - "classic 7"s", if you will.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark released the single Souvenir in 1981. Taken from the third (and breakthrough and often referred to as their "classic") album Architecture And Morality, it is a moody little ballad sung by "the other one" in the band, Paul Humphreys. It was a noticeable departure in sound for the duo. Gone are the rudimentary synths and drum programs, and in it's place are lush atmospherics and a drop dead gorgeous melody - so sweet and hooky. Paul's similarly softer voice compliments the tune's mood, the public dug it and it was a big chart hit. The single is particularly cool because the b-side songs are both really good too. Motion And Heart (Amazon Version) is a swanky, swinging re-recording of a song from their previous album Organisation, again reflecting a less metallic electronica. Sacred Heart is bit more experimental, mostly instrumental and spaced out electro - nice and blippy and floaty. All of these tunes are included on the 2003 remastered and expanded version of Architecture And Morality, as well as an extended version of Souvenir and a few other bits and bobs. A great 7".

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