Monday, November 21, 2005

My '80s Remastered - Sweet Dreams

Last week saw RCA release the Eurythmics back catalogue in expanded remastered format. Dave Stewart helmed the remasters. They are available as single discs, or all bundled together in a box. Each album has extra tracks - b-sides, remixes, live recordings and previoulsy unreleased songs. Thee remasters are, as I've grown fond of saying, "the shit". I picked up the first 2 albums, Sweet Dreams and Touch, and plan on getting a few more as well. Sweet Dreams has really benefitted from the remastering - it sounds so much beefier, and the details are more pronounced. This was their big breakthrough album, and it covers a lot of ground. It's been a real blast rediscovering this record over the last week. I was afraid that it might sound a bit dated, but to my surprise it has aged pretty well. The thing with this duo is that they aren't jusy synthpop, although synthpop is a big part of the equation. There is Euro flavor, horns, a touch of art rock, and a hefty dose of experimentation. And that voice. Unique, and with such range, capable of going from angelic, operatic heights to down and dirty gruffness in a blink of an eye. I am still amazed at how beautiful her voice is. Combined with the quirky instrumentation of Dave Stewart, it all added up to something very cool and different, and it's still that way. From the opening salvo of Love Is A Stranger to album closer This City Never Sleeps there isn't a dud on it. It's class from start to finish. Instead of the big hits I'm sharing a personal fave track, This Is The House. It's got a persistent beat, a hugely funky bass riff, horns, lyrics in Spanish, blippy synths and scratchy guitars. Basically, a little bit of everything, perfectly balanced - it's all good. The bonus material is interesting - a couple of b-sides, a Giorgio Moroder remix of Love Is A Stranger, a Coldcut remix of Sweet Dreams, and a previously unreleased version of Lou Reed's Satellite Of Love. It's fascinating stuff, and if you are a fan you will really dig these!

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