Thursday, November 10, 2005

Classic 12"s of the '90s - Fluke

Fluke were a dreamy pop act that first appeared on the scene on 1989. Over the next few years they adapted their sound and included elements of acid and prog house, trip hop and techno rock. They were able to cash in on the "electronica" movement of the mid '90s, particularly with their '97 LP Risotto and it's big hit single Atom Bomb. At that time I also picked up the 12" for Absurd - it has a smokin' Mighty Dub Katz remix of the title track that I used to love mix with - very big-beaty and chunky. My fave track on it though is the Global Communication remix of an older single from 1993, Slid. Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard's take on Slid (The Hypogasmic Mix) is a sublimely chilled piece of pillow-y house music that kicks off with a simple metronomic click, and then gradually adds layer after layer of smooth, soft synth washes and sequences and "wah wah wah" vocals. It's a lovely, "drifting off into space" kind of a track, and it really stands apart from all of the big beat stuff that it shares vinyl space with. As a result it has aged a lot better!

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