Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Classic 12"s of the '80s - Looking From A Hilltop

Section 25 were one of the lesser known acts on legendary Mancunian label Factory Records. Formed in Blackpool in 1978 and named after a health provision code, they began as an indie rock trio, their earliest FAC records produced by Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton, then Martin Hannett. Over the course of the early '80s they added a couple of lovely ladies to help with vocals and synths, added lots of drum machines, and went on to write an early page in the book of what would soon be known as acid house. Their 1984 LP From The Hip was produced by Bernard Sumner and included the giant electro-pop anthem that is Looking From A Hilltop. I had wanted to give you the B-side version of this tune, which is a largely instrumental remix that is flat out HUGE, but the vinyl has developed a nasty scratch that makes it pretty much unplayable. The A side is still pretty good tho' - a pounding, Kraftwerk-ian beat, massed banks of swirling synths and sequencers, topped off with mournful vocals. I love the beats on this - they just keep growing as the tune goes on. Apparently the band is still active - they have a website (Section25.com) and there is even talk of new music.

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